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Catalogue Text – ‘Tolka Nights: Deep-Mapping and Public Art as Interface’, Create National development agency for collaborative arts, October 2015

Deep maps are finely detailed, multimedia depictions of a place and the people, buildings, objects, flora, and fauna that exist within it and which are inseparable from the activities of everyday life. These depictions may encompass the beliefs, desires, hopes, and fears of residents and help show what ties one place to another.[i] Read more…


Anna Macleod: Water Conversations – A Survey of Works 2007-2015, Art Monthly, Issue 389, September 2015

The Dock Carrick-on-Shannon 4 July to 12 September

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Column – ‘Articulating Value’, Visual Artists’ News Sheet, September/October 2015

Joanne Laws
Articulating Value

Last year I was commissioned to write a report for 126 Artist-Run Gallery. ‘FOOTFALL: Articulating the value of artist-led organisations in Ireland’ collates a timely and ambitious body of research, initiated by 126 in response to a funding crisis the previous year which almost resulted in its closure (1).

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Research Report – FOOTFALL: Articulating the Value of Artist Led Organisations in Ireland, 126 Artist-Run Gallery, Galway, March 2015

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Belfast Round-up, Art Monthly, Issue 388, July-August 2015,

PDF Joanne Laws ‘Belfast Round-Up’, Art Monthly Issue 388

MAC • Platform Arts • Catalyst Arts

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Catalogue Text – Kevin Kirwan ‘Heavyside’, The Lab, Dublin (July 25 – August 08 2015)

Heavyside: An Unseen Place

The place became crater on each side, sank down to its first skull, shedding forests, oceans, dried bones and neons, as it fell through time like a forgotten pitted stone.

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Extended Essay – Fire Station Artists’ Studios, May 2015

PDF News Views, Issue 5, Spring 2015

Internationalism: Reflections of a Solo Traveler

It is quite often the case that even on the shortest journeys, strangers will disappear and periodically resurface, meaning you unwittingly become accustomed to their faces. Leaving ARRIVALS, the vague collectivity that bound you dissipates, as people scatter in the directions of their individual pursuits: Business or leisure? Read more…